A Busy Spring!

It has been a very busy spring for us at Ankura Ministries. Our biggest news has to be the finalization of our name change. As of Feb 7, 2018 we have been officially operating under the name of Ankura Ministries Inc.. It has been an active time for us, as we have worked to convert all of our branding, tools and resources over to the new name, and we are finally here!

We have a lot of exciting things that we have been working on, and some things we are excited to start getting off the ground soon. We really feel like we are back in the swing of things and are starting to move in a more positive direction!

Big Changes!

This spring has brought about more than just name changes. We have been busy at work constructing new aspects of the ministry to better support those under our ministry umbrella…

1. Focus: As some of you may know, we are no longer supporting missionaries that focus solely on Community Development projects, but are now working to help missionaries who want to spread the Gospel by any means.

Our goal is to create a path from home to field in the most efficient and effective way possible.

So, if God has placed on your heart a Kingdom Dream that you don’t feel like you can accomplish on your own, let us help you get there!

2. Growth: We have been playing defense for the last 9 years, working to understand how to run the ministry, take care of our missionaries and slowly grow our resources and tools in preparation for further expansion.

We finally feel like we have learned and prepared enough to start going on offense, and start actively recruiting new missionaries to join the ministry!

3. 10%: With the growth we have already undergone and the growth we are expecting to take on in the next year, we have decided to start taking a 10% membership fee from our missionaries to help offset our administrative costs as well as to help us invest in the future of the organization.

What’s Next?

Now that we have gotten through some of the major changes we have made this spring, let’s now focus on the really exciting things we are working to accomplish in the second half of the year!

1. Social Media: We have taken some time away from doing social media over the past few months while we were working on rebranding the ministry. But, we have finally made it through that season and our social media accounts are back up and running, so be on the look out for all of our posts and announcements, on Twitter @ankurago, Facebook @ankurago, and Instagram @ankurago.

2. Training Program: With all the new missionaries we are hoping to add over the next year, we are working hard to set them up for success right out of the gate. That is why we have started to put together an online training program that we hope will do just that!

3. Short-Term Trips: We will also be adding some new short-term opportunities for those who want to go out into the field and help support some of our missionaries and partners. We are in the process of planning a trip to visit Aaron Hall in Kansas City this fall, so be on the lookout for more details, soon!

4. Internships: And, if you are looking for and opportunity to go a little deeper and spend a more extended period of time working alongside one of our missionaries and supporting them in a more substantial way. Then you should look into one of our internship opportunities, that we hope to launch sometime in the new year.

5: The Banquet: Last and certainly not least, we ask you to mark your calendars for November 27th, 2018. This will be the evening of our annual ministry banquet, where you can come out and discover more about the ministry and interact with our missionaries.


In conclusion it has been a pretty crazy and exciting time here at Ankura Ministries, a lot has changed but we feel like at our core we are still the same ministries, committed to serving missionaries and giving them every opportunity to succeed in the field.