Scriptures: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, 1 Peter 5:10
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The scriptures I posted are about timing. God and the right timing. I am praying a deep discernment over you as you journey with the Lord about what He’s currently asking you to do with Him. Look at His hands and ask Him what He’s doing. You are to mimic Him in a childlike manner. I see Him holding hands with the widows. I see Him writing plans voraciously over a big, fancy desk. I see Him opening up blueprints and showing us drawings of buildings and businesses and hearts He’s working on. It’s beautiful. And we must must must remain flexible and not stubborn, to move with His workflow and His loveflow.

Here’s to going with the Flow.

May your prayers be heard, may you run into the throne room of God with confidence in your time of need, and receive the mercy He promises. May your heart be filled with peace as you yield your will to the Father, and trust His goodness. May you see miraculous victories come to pass from your prayers. May you take others by the hand and walk them into the throne room of God. May you not dare to quit, or to consider an ordinary lifestyle. May you never run away, except from temptation. May you never fear, except for the awe of the glory of God. May you never surrender, except to the perfect beckoning love of Jesus. In that case, surrender it all.