“A quiet time that I love, especially in the warm weather, is simply getting up early and listening to worship music as I take in the beauty of God’s creation. As I listen to my worship playlist, I simply thank God for all of the wonderful blessings He has given me in the past week, and throughout the rest of the day I find myself more in tune with God and more pleasant to be around. It’s important to take time and study His Word, pray, etc. but don’t underestimate the power of giving Him praise! Plus, it’s some nice time outdoors, so enjoy!”
-Will Boggs

“When possible, I’ve been trying to wake up before the rest of my family is up. Quiet time consists of spending time outlining chapters from the letters of Paul. It has really helped me grow. During this process, I feel like I have really digested the word, and it helps me to teach it to others as a result.”
-Gil Cauthorn

“I thoroughly love to ask God to give me a word and then allow several mediums for Him to choose to do so… first, I might begin by reading inspirational blogs because I feel it gets my spirit clicking and in a more creative state. Second, I like to read several short devos and dig into the passages of Scripture used in them. Lastly, I love to straight up ask Him through prayer, to move in my spirit through His Spirit and to answer questions that have been rolling around in my mind… I receive His Words openly through each of these opportunities. It basically comes down to the mornings when I choose to receive His Word in my Spirit… those are the life-giving moments. Those are the “quiet times” I leave from refreshed, and ready to conquer sin and any form of discouragement within that day. It’s an expectancy that He will communicate with me because I’m His BeLoved and He promised His faithful presence long ago. ”
-Lauren Powell

“Honestly, my quiet times range a lot, because I am often a person of spontaneity in about everything that I do. Routine is a rather horrifying prospect to me. I try to change it up and allow the Lord to guide me into however He wants to spend time with me that day. Whether its listening to worship music, going on a walk, working out, writing. I think it is more of a heart position that I have to choose to put myself in.”
-Zach Cobos

“When I get stuck with God and want to draw closer to him, I grab my guitar and play a new song. I wait till I know what I am feeling or until I am overwhelmed by gratefulness to him and then I sing it out. It’s is one of the best ways to release whatever is inside. To acknowledge it, let it go and then allow the opposite truth to take its place. It allows joy to break past anything that could hinder it. Those are my best times alone with the father. Letting him draw close to whats dear to me and for him to whisper his truth over it.”
-Hailey Crump

“I spent time with the Lord painting one day. I didn’t have to say anything, or read anything. Instead, I had some things come to mind as I was taking the time to express myself, and I was able to bring those issues before the Lord. Sometimes resting is the most productive thing I ever do, and I rested in His presence through painting.”
-Helena Jordao

“My favorite quite time moments are in my car. I feel like that is one place that God speaks to me the most, when I can just turn up the radio and clear my mind and just settle in as I watch the miles fly by. I often find myself just praying out loud or singing at the top of my lungs and I feel it is one of my safe places where God really reaches down and meets me where I am at! So if you have never tried it, and have a car and a few extra dollars for gas, just hop in the car, throw on some worship music and just drive, drive somewhere you know, drive somewhere you don’t know (maybe bring along a GPS for this one) and just see how God speaks to you!”
-Matthew Murray

“I have found that a semi-structured study plan helps me regain consistency in the Word whenever I am struggling to stay disciplined. I have always enjoyed Beth Moore’s studies– they are a combination of weekly video downloads and have 5 workbook lessons to do each week. The studies combine theological/historical instruction, personal testimony, and reflection in a way that is fresh, inspirational, and educational. I’ve never been able to do these with a study group before and while I enjoyed them on my own, I think they would be even more beneficial when embarked upon with sisters in Christ.”
-Kaleigh Cox

“Go for a walk! Seriously, this is the best thing for me. People may feel like walking alone seems sulky and solitary, but it is definitely the opposite when you make it your time with God. I usually pray, sing, and listen to the street noise on these walks; sometimes I even encounter a stranger in need of bus fare, or someone who may be attracted to the God I’m walking with. Besides, it is nice to be outside getting fresh air and exercise. Go for a walk and experience the joy of literally walking in the Holy Spirit!”
-Aaron Hall