“Anyone that knows much about me knows I love to travel and have been blessed to be able to travel a lot. After all my travel experience, the country that sticks with me the most is Cambodia. This is me teaching a class of about 50 students English in a small village.”
-Will Boggs

“Our favorite country is Japan. You can find beauty everywhere.”
-Zacheria Cobos and Hailey Crump

United States
“I’m originally from Brazil, so when I moved to the USA, I had to adjust. In that process, I learned to love the USA, appreciate its beauty, and yearn to impact it for the Kingdom. I gotta say it’s my favorite.”
-Helena Jordao

“A part of my heart remains in Thailand, where I learned how Jesus loves me in a radical new way as I loved on the girls in the red light district. Plus, it’s where I got to ride an ELEPHANT so how could I not love this country?!”
-Kaleigh Cox

“I couldn’t pick just one! When my plane let down in Kenya, I KNEW that these were my other people. It was like I was born there. The culture felt very natural for me and God had lit my heart on fire for the people living in the villages. The missionaries we stayed with, the Wabuti family, in the jungle near Butere Town, quickly stole my heart! I can’t wait to return for a medical/music/media trip in the future!

Thailand stole my heart. I could live in Thailand forever. Again, like Kenya, the culture was a natural fit for me personally. The land that smiles just worked with my personality… and with my calling! I love happy people, but I also love getting past the image people portray and helping them find a real joy in their hearts. I believe the Lord has HUGE things daily in store for Thailand and I want so badly to be a part! Not to mention, the scenery is magnificent!”
-Lauren Powell

“Nepal is my favorite country because of my amazing experiences there, the encounters with God that I had while I was there, the beauty of the country, and the kindness of its people.”
-Matthew Murray

-Gil & Michika Cauthorn