Scriptures: Isaiah 61:7

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Today, we are pushing away shame. Any shame.

Ask Jesus right now if there is any part of your story which you are still ashamed of. This is perhaps a part of the story you hold back, or you think would hinder others from loving you. Maybe it’s a part of the story in which you’re tough on yourself and you haven’t forgiven yourself for what you did. Or you think that if people knew about it, you would lose your position, reputation, or good standing. Think about whatever that is. And then, when you’re ready, let’s pray this shame off.

Jesus, I know You know about ________________________. I know You were there. I know You dealt with this part of my story on the cross. You took care of it. It’s behind me. Help me to put it further behind me since it’s still causing me pain. Help me to not be afraid of people or their opinions, for they cannot judge me. Jesus, would You show me what You did with this part of my story? How have You brought redemption through this?

And wait for the answers. Wait on Him. Write down what you get. Write down your redemption moments. Cherish these. Hold them up. He is a faithful Father who rewrites our wrongs into beauty. He takes your shame away.

Jesus, thank You for loving us through it all. You hear us and You speak to us. Thank You for responding. Thank You for taking away all of our shame! In Your name we pray, amen!