A song based on Psalm 23:

“Still the waters of my soul
Walk with me across the oceans
Sweet oil’s running down my brow from Your abundance
Would you take me by the hand
Lead me out of this valley I’m so lost in
Take me into pastures greener than I could imagine
I’m trusting in You…Restore my soul
My hope is in Divine Beauty
My trust is in my love
And my love is so trustworthy
All my faults and failures followed by mercy
I’m trusting in You…Restore my soul”

Despite days and nights of difficulty, the twenty-third Psalm echoes the trust that one can have in God’s faithfulness.  Wherever one may go, the goodness of the Shepherd follows.  Read this psalm and remember all the trials that he has brought you through.   Meditate on what it means when it says, “He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies.”  In the midst of accusation, feast on His provision!  Rejoice in the love of God today.  Trust.