This month, we are giving each CODE Missionary the chance to come to you with prayer needs regarding them, their ministries, and the countries where they serve. Each of these posts includes specific prayer requests as well as a YouTube video of a song picked by these missionaries. We encourage you to use these worship songs to center your heart and mind as you lift up our missionaries before God’s throne. Thank you for loving our missionaries well and soaking them in your prayers. We are all so thankful for you– our supporters, readers, and friends.

I think prayer is one of the most powerful and underestimated privileges we’ve been given as children of God. Joined as a body, when we go before the Lord and bring to Him a concern, it moves His heart. We aren’t telling Him anything new, or persuading Him, no. We don’t have to twist His arm for Him to be Good and Faithful and Loving, no, because that’s just who He is. The prize of prayer is the opportunity to enter into conversation with the Almighty God, and to be heard by Him. In that exchange, there is a promise of peace that transcends understanding. I’ve been a witness of such peace, and as I move forward in ministry, I ask that you join me in prayer.

Pray for a stirring in my heart for new depths of love, so that I can lead and teach in love.
Pray for Phylla House leaders to emerge, and for wisdom as I train them.
Pray for provision and strength, as I work full-time at a hospital, as well as attend Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.
Joy, peace, patience, and grace as we blaze a brand new path for ministry with women who really need to feel embraced by the Church.
For inner-healing for each new leader, as they explore their stories and focus their identities on Christ.
Pray blessing over my loved ones, that they continue to grow in Christ’s love.
Pray for unity in the Body of Christ, for His Kingdom to come, for His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Thank you and may the Lord bless you for joining in the conversation about Phylla House.

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