This month, we are giving each CODE Missionary the chance to come to you with prayer needs regarding them, their ministries, and the countries where they serve. Each of these posts includes specific prayer requests as well as a YouTube video of a song picked by these missionaries. We encourage you to use these worship songs to center your heart and mind as you lift up our missionaries before God’s throne. Thank you for loving our missionaries well and soaking them in your prayers. We are all so thankful for you– our supporters, readers, and friends.

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Right now, the ministry of God is happening through me.  I usually see it after it’s already begun with a friend, a co-worker, or like today, when I was able to join an equipo de alabanza (worship team) here in Mexico for the Sunday service.

Also, I am letting my guard down to let the Lord Jesus minister to me.  Last thing I heard super clearly from Him was a question, “How can I serve you?”  Wait. You serve me? The reality is I know that in order to love myself and others I need to receive His love.  While this is an ongoing process, I suppose my biggest prayer need is for more of His love and grace.  This song has been making me tear up quite a bit recently.  My good friend Enrique Lucatero wrote it and sings it here with another worship team here in Mexico.  The chorus, “…te amo Christo” simply means I love you Jesus.  The bridge, ¨…mejor es tu amor que el vino mi alma te ama…no hay un placer que sea mayor un deleite superior que habitar en tu morada mi Dios…”  means ¨better is your love that came, my soul loves you, my soul loves you, there is no pleasure that could be greater, no superior delight than to live in your dwelling-place my God!”