My sweet friend sent this request for my Beloved Story as I was in the midst of the biggest storm I have ever faced. At first I told her, NO! I thought had nothing to give.

“I don’t feel Beloved right now,” I thought to myself.

I felt like the house was crashing down around me and I was cowering in a corner of the closet that would fall in at any moment. No hope! Only brokenness.

BUT…God meets us in the brokenness and walks out onto the water in the storm to calm US. Not necessarily to calm the storm, but to give us peace in it.

Before she sent this request, I was wallowing in self pity. Then I thought about what it means to be beloved. I prayed again for the thousandth time in this. AND He answered!

“You are the Beloved of the Most High!”

He sent into my heart a vision of Christ on the water telling Peter to step out of the boat and walk ABOVE the waves that threatened to drown him. My Creator, Redeemer, and Lover of My Soul showed me the many, many countless times He has brought me through the storm to more joy than I could have expected, had I gotten things my way.

God doesn’t give me what I want in my trials because He has so much more for me than I can fathom. He adores me!

My Maker adores me!

I am the Beloved of the Most High and I am so blessed to feel His peace and joy as the storm crashes around me. He will not let me go!!