Scriptures: Psalm 52:8-9
Read it on Bible Gateway here.

It is SATURDAY, and on Saturdays we do crazy stuff.

Today we’re getting creative! DON’T READ AHEAD! Do one step at a time so it’s fun!

1) Draw a tree in your journal or a scrap piece of paper. Any tree, in any season, just go for it.

Got your tree?

2) Okay now describe this tree in 3 words.

Got your 3 words?

3) Now… when is the last time you have felt like these 3 words? Do you feel like that right now?

4) Did you write positive words or critical words?

5) How does Jesus feel about those 3 words if they were to describe you? Does He agree?

Jesus, we love you. Thank You that we can doodle a tree and get some insight on ourselves. Thank You for calling out truth to us.  And help us not be too serious all the time, because You’re a blast! In Your name we pray, amen!

Here is my tree. I did this exercise yesterday except I started out just doodling a tree and I had no idea where it was going. I wrote that it was firmly rooted, bare, and proud. It was a winter tree, just having to endure the winter winds, but knowing that it was a temporary season. And it was bare, but the branches were beautiful. Only at the end did I realize that I was relating to it, that I was about to go through a winter (I hate winter by the way) and that I feel like I’m ready to endure it because I may be bare, but I’m firmly rooted and I’m proud of the work that God is doing in me. His grace is enough. So there you have it, this is how I came up with this exercise. I hope you liked it and got something from it. I’d love to hear what you got, if you want to leave a comment.