Ruminations and Prayers of Identity, Salvation, Inheritance
Text in quotes are sung choruses in the prayer room at Hope City.
Trying to experience the jealous love of God.
To find the solitude.
“Come burn in me, I trust Your jealousy
Make straight every crooked way in me”
Lord, every channel and avenue that are open to darkness, close.
“I want to hate wickedness and love righteousness.”
I can’t do this.
You can.  You do this work. You complete it in me Lord.
Help me, rescue me
in my solitary struggle
to be nothing but close to You.
Is my society, my condition, my upbringing bringing me close to You?
Show me that salvation is at hand.  Help me turn to You.
Help me put You first.
To turn from prostitution to marriage, the union in me with divinity.
I don’t want to sell my birthright for a bowl of soup, sell my self for temporalities.
Temporarily …I want eternal goodness.
“I’ve come to buy gold refined…”