I am proud to announce that after all the planning , brainstorming, research, and praying, we finally have an art studio.

After a lot of searching and saving, we finally decided to make a move and look for an studio space. We looked on the internet for a warehouse and found a fairly large one for a decent price. We called and later that day we went there. When we arrived we discovered it was already a photo studio!

Here’s a Little Tour


Alena’s Future Art Studio

It will be cleaner when we move in, and with a little work (sanding the and painting the floor, painting the walls) it should look great. Eventually we will do more but for now a large table, chairs and easels will be fine.




Waiting Area/Lounge

Obviously some of the décor will go (the previous owner was a child photographer), but this will be a waiting room, complete with a desk, couch, Alena’s art,  and some shelves with books and a display of my “old Soviet camera collection”.



Workshop Room

Another room that needs a little work, but in here we would like to have some computers set up in here for people to work on and have a space for photo clubs, discussions, workshops, and storage.



Kitchenette/Hall to Bathroom

Eventually, here would be a nice area for a counter with a microwave, coffee maker, and a mini fridge. This hall and the bathroom (bathroom mostly) will be the first major repairs, and we are praying about what to do and praying for (experienced) people to help. A toilet still needs to go in and the pipes need to be connected, but the owners said everything should work and they already have some parts there we can use.



As you can see, part of it is in good condition, and some of it needs a little work, but for the size and price, it is a true blessing. God’s timing has been perfect. Finding this place comes at a time where we are finally in a place where we can begin our dream. Tomorrow, we take care of the final detail, then Thursday we are going to Kiev to pick up some equipment (studio lights and a large-format printer) and to visit Alena’s family.

After cleaning the space (next week) ministry will begin with some photography basics workshops, art workshops, photo club, and weekly movie nights (alternating with documentary one week and “Soviet Cinema” the next week).

This will be part one of a two part email, just because there is a lot to say. But as of now, we are making the plans and coming up with the budget for our studio. The monthly rent is 9000 UAH (approx. $344) plus the bills. In addition we have spent a long time looking for deals for the studio equipment (lights, stands, light modifiers, art supplies, printer), supplies for remodeling, and furniture (a couch, chairs, tables). Our goal now is to raise approx.. $2,000 to help with some of the expenses after we buy our supplies this weekend and eventually have at least $600 in monthly donations until the ministry becomes self sustaining. If 20 people were able to give $30 a month, and 40 people were able to give a $50 one time donation, we would be perfect.

Prayer request:

  • For all the much needed finances to start our ministry to come in.
  • For the relationships we have now to continue to grow, and for new ones to develop.
  • Alena is having an exhibition next week to show some art and promote the new studio. Pray for success and for some new contacts.
  • Patience with starting a new studio and developing a ministry.
  • Praise for this whole situation.
  • Alena recently went to eastern Ukraine on a missions trip. Praise that it went well and they were able to touch many lives.