Step ONE: 

We need yours! Submit your own BeLoved Story HERE for the opportunity to be published on our BeLoved page!

Step TWO:

Share your own, and others’ BeLoved Stories via social media so people you know can submit their own BeLoved Stories to be published online!


Become a BeLoved Ambassador by asking FIVE friends to submit their BeLoved Stories to keep this movement rolling!

Step FOUR:

Become a part of the BeLoved Stories movement as we work towards an e-reader containing YOUR stories and God’s stories… which we believe are one in the same!

Step FIVE:

Pray about sharing your BeLoved story during a BeLoved Campaign, serving with us locally or abroad! More info on these opportunities soon… or contact BeLoved via email if interested now!

Unfamiliar with who we are and want to know more? Check out the making of BeLoved here!