Scripture: Matthew 6:25-34, Genesis 24:63

Because He loves us and has promised to teach us, God has a method to answering certain prayers. He will often train us to steward the blessing before it arrives. He wants to lock eyes with us and show us that His love for us is SO fierce. He wants us to understand this love as a foundation, upon which the manifestations of His love can hinge. His provision hinges on His love. It’s the why. He wants you to understand the why before the what.

In the passage in Genesis, we find Isaac is going to the field to meditate. Surely he had a lot on his mind. His dad was old, or “well-advanced in years,” and I’m sure Isaac was preparing his heart for life without his dad. Also, Isaac was lonely. It was time for him to have a wife, and I can’t imagine what it must have felt like on that very day, as he walked to the field with an aching heart. He needed the time to meditate, to find God’s voice and peace in the middle of it all.

You see, we read a few sentences and we think it was a swift process, but I don’t think so! I’m sure Isaac made a practice of doing this, day after day, to get his head straight and process his struggle. It wasn’t a fluke that he just so happened to be meditating when his answered prayer popped up, riding on a camel: his gorgeous, strong, thoughtful, brave bride.

Isaac was seeking first the Kingdom, long before Jesus uttered those words. You see, God is the same. He teaches His children to come to Him. He’s the Steady Father Isaac leaned on when he worried about his dad. God has been a good Father for a long time. Guess what? He still is.

Go to your “field” and spend time with Him. Find your happy place in His presence. Rest in the assurance that your needs are closer and closer and closer, and that your Good Father is taking care of you.

May it all be added to you–all that you need, and then some.