For those of you who have followed Allie and I or supported us through prayer and finances, we wanted to update you on what’s been going on since we had initially announced our departure to Phuket, Thailand.  2016 brings new challenges/opportunities to trust God and final preparations to successfully launch and transition overseas.  I want to announce that we couldn’t be more excited to buy our plane tickets today!  Thank you for reading our web posts and we can’t wait to keep you updated with our trip from overseas!

Here’s what has been happening:

  • One of the ways we are going to prepare ourselves for living in another country is attend an intercultural training program this summer.  You may have noticed that we have changed our departure date to September 1st from a hopeful early May departure. We will be in North Carolina at the Center for Intercultural training to learn how to successfully navigate cross cultural contexts in practical and theoretical ways.  We know this is going to be an awesome investment in ourselves and a great way to prepare for overseas life- long term.
  • By far, the most daunting task that we are preparing for is trying to learn a language where the tone dictates the meaning.  We have to learn 42 consonants and 20 vowel sounds. Allie and I are working on our own while in the states, but we are looking forward to immersing ourselves in Thai language and having a tutor in Phuket.  For the first year, we will be on an education visa as language students so our ability to stay in the country will be directly connected to our success in learning Thai.
  • We realize that we can’t go to Phuket without the support of other people and so we have been fundraising for the past 3 months.  Whether it’s meeting with churches or individuals, we are trying to convey a ministry worth getting behind with finances and prayer.  Readers, I’ll be honest… Fundraising is the worst.  If I’m being real, it is not fun to ask for money. Unfortunately, it’s a real part of missions, moving overseas, making sure we can survive and are able to accomplish what we feel called.  Contact us and we would love to discuss partnering with you financially!  Or Click Here.
  • We have recently celebrated some mile markers.  Cheers to my mom who turned 50!  On her big day, one of her friends said, “Wow, I would have guessed you were in your 40’s!” #shewasyesterday
  • Allie and i celebrated two years of Marriage.  Thanks to everyone for your wishes!  Year three is going to be an adventure and we agreed that we want to make it a year of hard work but most importantly completely letting go of control and trusting in God.  We can’t wait to see how will work through us in Phuket.

img_8305We are excited to bring you much more interesting updates once we make it to Thailand.  Until then, please keep praying for our departure and our fundraising.  We are hoping to meet our minimum 60% by May 1st so if you were thinking about donating to us, now is the time to start praying about a potential partnership with us and what God is doing in Phuket.  Please check out our donation page for any questions around giving and prayers.

Thanks again to all of you who have already contributed to our fundraising where you can.  Your faithfulness helps us live out our faithfulness as we trust God with all of our provisions.  God Bless you!


Paul and Allisan