My name is Helena Jordao, and I am so happy to be part of the CODE Ministries family!

I’m 27, originally from Brazil, and I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia.

I’m the Director of Phylla House, which is a ministry for women who are or have been divorced, widows, and single mothers. Its mission is to promote long-term community, discipleship, and Kingdom activation in a healing environment.

Jesus walked me through a healing journey through and after my divorce, and He increased my compassion for those who feel like misfits at church. I used to sneak in late to worship, just to avoid socializing. I used to wonder if I was a burden to my small group, because sometimes I couldn’t help my tears during those painful times of transition. Despite all that, Jesus called me overseas on the World Race, an 11 countries in 11 months mission trip.

During the World Race, I had the dream for Phylla House and felt the passion burn in my heart to bring revival to the misfits, the teary-eyed women in the back row, and the ones who stayed in their pajamas, choosing not to even go to church at all. I knew that there could be a different kind of “Church” for those who felt unpresentable due to their life scenarios. I knew we could meet in a home, and sit around the living room worshiping Jesus and learning how to share our stories, learning what His dreams are for us. I knew we could build friendships, and go serve our community together. We would find that we are indeed qualified vessels. And I knew some of us would hop on planes and hear the loud songs of an African church, and meet siblings in Christ from around the world on short-term mission trips. He put a fire in my heart to join Him in turning the broken into healers. From this fire, Phylla House began.

In 2013, I did an internship through the Center for Global Action at Adventures in Missions, and simultaneously began ministering to women in Gainesville and Flowery Branch, GA. I’ve also led mission trips and have spoken at several churches and Adventures in Missions events.

The first Phylla House group met biweekly, once for a worship night, and once for a teaching night, for the duration of the 6-month curriculum called Refuge. Once the second cycle of Refuge began, I grew weary. I knew I needed mentoring and help with training leadership. We finished up the 6 months of Refuge, and I moved to Atlanta to begin my first year at Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry. That’s where I am right now!

For 2015, I have big hopes and dreams. I’ll be continuing my studies at Bethel. I’ll be training leaders in the Spring, to launch some Phylla Houses in the FALL! After Bethel, I hope to move to San Francisco, and headquarter the ministry there, with a discipleship training center.

Meanwhile, anyone can request a call, and either I or someone on my ministry team will call and pray over the phone. If it’s possible, I love to meet up and grab coffee. I will continue posting encouragement on social media, and releasing fresh A Tree of Life devotionals, which post every day on the Phylla House blog. Be in prayer for these dreams and all hearts involved. Jesus is doing a new thing, and it’s my joy to be a witness of His goodness.

Twitter: (@phyllahouse)
Instagram: (@phyllahouse)