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Matt is the founder and executive director of CODE Ministries. He grew up in upstate New York, with a passion for playing sports and hanging out with friends. When he was in college, Matt went on his first missions trip and fell in love with the idea of ministering to people in different countries. After, a few failed attempts to join different missions organizations Matt started CODE Ministries in hope of providing an easier route to the missions field for those seeking to do the Lord’s work. Now, Matt works to support and counsel all of the missionaries on the field, as well as, to provide guidance and leadership for the future of CODE Ministries.

Kathy is the Events Coordinator for CODE Ministries. She grew up in the province of Mindanao in the Philippines. She studied nursing in college and then immigrated to Canada, where she met Matt. She is a very talented events coordinator and loves planning events for all kinds of occasions!

Matt and Kathy currently live in Toronto, Canada, with their son Liam, where they work to minister to all of CODE Ministries’ missionaries by providing administrative support and planning events to help raise support and awareness for the causes of the missionaries.

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Support Northern Mindanao Medical Center and J.R. Borja General Hospital

COVID has been part of our lives for well over a year now, and as restrictions have been loosening up here in the US, things seem to be spiraling out of control for those in other parts of the world. Especially for our friends in the Philippines!Many of you that are...

Trip to Japan 2019

It was a busy winter for Katherine and I, from having holiday after holiday to celebrating our church wedding in the Philippines, to planning, organizing, and executing the Noche Buena event, and moving back to America, and trying to survive this whole COVID thing, we...

Support Northern Mindanao Medical Center: Part 2

The Coronavirus Pandemic has been escalating at a pretty dramatic rate over the past 3 months. Going from a small outbreak in mainland China to nearly 30,000 deaths and nearly three quarters of a million infected, at time of writing (10:00AM EDT March 28th, 2020).It...

Support Northern Mindanao Medical Center

UPDATE:  We have reached our goal for this project, there is further information in the next blog post. Click Here to find out more. The Coronavirus Pandemic has been escalating at a pretty dramatic rate over the past 3 months. Going from a small outbreak in mainland...

Trip to Thailand

It has been exactly 5 years since I left Thailand. Since then I have moved back to North America, started a family and continued to lead Ankura Ministries. While I was doing all that, Paul and Allisan Beeghly have been working tirelessly to help exploited individuals...

A New Name for a New Season

If you were unable to make it out to the banquet this year, then you may or may not already know that we have decided to change our name. It has been a huge decision and not one that we have taken lightly, however, we feel that as we move into a new season of...