The Coronavirus Pandemic has been escalating at a pretty dramatic rate over the past 3 months. Going from a small outbreak in mainland China to nearly 30,000 deaths and nearly three quarters of a million infected, at time of writing (10:00AM EDT March 28th, 2020).

It is now 10AM on Saturday and we are continuing to receive donations. As of Thursday night we had raised just short of $1,100. On Thursday night we sent our first payment to secure the purchase of 61 Pro Farmer Kits (these were the last kits available). Which cost just over $500. 

With the remainder of the money, we were able to partner with Victory Church in Cagayan de Oro City, to fund a portion of a bulk purchase of N95 Masks, Goggles, Face Shields, Surgical Masks, Surgical Suits, Nitrile Gloves, Shoe Covers, and Hazmat Suits(Still in Transit). These 2 orders have been fully funded. 

We are even looking into what it will take to create some of these materials from scratch, you can see a prototype below.

There is a new purchase that will go out today to buy even more supplies for the Northern Mindanao Medical Center, in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, which is the Center for CoVID-19 Care for all of Northern Mindanao(pop. over 5 million.), including more N95 Masks (most requested item by the medical staff). This purchase will cost around$1,000 upon delivery. At the time of writing this post, we already have $530 dollars that we are able to put toward this purchase.

The list of full PPE for CoVID-19 is 1 N95 mask, 1 water-resistant full body suit with hood, 1 pair of goggles, 1 face shield, 1 surgical mask, 1 full surgical suit long sleeves, 1 full body apron, 2 pairs nitrile gloves, 1 pair shoe cover per medical staff.

Right, now they are doing their best to ration the little supplies they have, by reusing and sharing these items amongst themselves.

As Confirmed Cases increase so will the need for new personal protective equipment. This is why we at Ankura Ministries have committed to supporting the people of Northern Mindanao.  

Please, continue to donate so we can provide basic personal protective equipment for frontline medical staff in Northern Mindanao, Philippines. There have been 5 confirmed cases admitted to the hospital, with two of them passing away. Unfortunately, they have not had kits to test potential cases, so they are currently putting on quarantine any person who presents with acute respiratory infections and treating them as if they are CoVID-19 positive.

If you are based in the Philippines and would like to donate directly to the cause, you can contact Bambi Alegrado through her email [email protected]