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Joey is an independent photographer and die-hard Texan. He began his missions in September 2012 when he went on the World Race. After returning, he knew he wanted to pursue full-time missions and moved to Thailand six months later. His first year in Southeast Asia was spent volunteering at a nonprofit art gallery, Documentary Arts Asia, and working with boys in the red-light district at Urban Light. His second year was spent working with the hill tribes and Burmese refugees. After Thailand, he attended the Marriage of the Arts YWAM DTS in Nuremberg, Germany. Three months were spent in Germany learning about the nature of God and how to use arts in missions, and the next three months were spent in India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal on outreach. Upon returning to Ukraine, Joey began speaking at various events about his travels and photography, building relationships throughout the city and sharing his experiences with cross-cultural missions. He is currently partnered with different groups, providing photography to ministries working with orphans and gypsies.

Born into an ordinary family in Kiev, Ukraine, she came to know God when she was 17 and knew she wanted to be a missionary. She began working in the church, leading ministries, which in Ukraine can be unusual for a woman, especially a young one. She also started going on trips to village orphanages in Kiev Oblast. For the past four years, Alena has resided in Lviv, the art capital of Ukraine. It is here that she puts on regular art workshops, provides private lessons, and organizes projects such as painting walls in hospitals and orphanages and making art on the streets. Many people know her as a person who likes to organize events and never has a problem rallying up volunteers. She loves art and painting, and one day hopes to have a house for 30 cats. Alena hopes to continue to reach people through art in Lviv, especially the orphans. She continues to build relationships with them through her art and cooking workshops and regular visits to families in need.

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Our March Newsletter

Working hard and moving on with the studio. The weather is warming up and the snow is finally melting in Lviv. Which means our studio isn't freezing anymore! Despite the cold we have been very active at The Potter's Clay. We recently held two photo workshops about...

My Outreach Experience

By Alena I was young, but already knew that I if came to God and left my strange friends, it should be interesting. I just wanted to hear God, to know that all this is real. I started ministry at 19. It started with prayer and tears. As usual I was terrified about my...

How To Hear God

By Alena. In church we often discuss this topic and can share with each other’s different experience. And it's very important to encourage our sisters and brothers, but for this we need to go into the field and be involved in some ministry. My experience of hearing...

It’s Finally Happening

I am proud to announce that after all the planning , brainstorming, research, and praying, we finally have an art studio. After a lot of searching and saving, we finally decided to make a move and look for an studio space. We looked on the internet for a warehouse and...

A Trip to a War Zone

Alena Marasek On 22.08.17- 30.08.17 I had mission trip to Luhansk region. In the beginning of summer I asked my husband to pray about some opportunity for me to serve. Every summer I try to separate for ministry, because at this time I don’t have so many art...