Below you can see a list of ministries that partner with Ankura Ministries!

Is a church community in Big Flats, New York, that strives to equip and empower their congregants to reach their full potential in Christ to fulfill the Great Commission!
Is an organization that does everything they can to support inspiring and effective freedom initiatives around the world.

Partners with local congregations, to purchase a house, in their community, in need of rehabilitation. Once the home is sold, 90% of the profit is donated to support missionaries all over the world!

Is an inner-city prayer room in Kansas City, Missouri, where the homeless, the addicts, and the poor can come together in a place of hope, and function within the Body of Christ!
Mustard Seed Christian Church is a church that loves God and loves people. They gather every week to study God’s Word, the Bible, and worship Jesus!
Is a music project made collectively by struggling youth in East Africa, to empower their communities, to motivate the world with song, and to build a shelter, Paradise, for homeless kids in Kampala!