Become a Member

Are you looking to become a Member of Ankura Ministries? Then, you have come to the right place. Check out the info below, and when you are ready to get the process started, just click on the button that says apply!

What We Do

Ankura Ministries works with Christ Ambassadors to aid and support them as they work to achieve their kingdom dreams, through the equipping, mobilization, sustenance, and support raising. 

We will work with you from the inception of your Kingdom Dream to well after its launch, in an effort to keep you focused and accountable to your mission and ours!

1. Equip

Once you have completed the application process and have accepted our invitation to become a member of Ankura Ministries, we will provide you with training and resources, that will prepare you for a life of vocational ministry. 

We will also provide mentorship and accountability to you as you work to build the foundations of your Kingdom Dream!

3. Sustain

Now that you have your Kingdom Dream up and running we will continue to walk alongside you as you grow your dream into a reality.

Also, we will continue to mentor, council, and support you as your dream grows, through continued provision of financial accountability, fundraising management, mission accountablitity, and to provide you with any new resources and materials that we develop or acquire, in an effort to keep you successful on the field!

2. Mobilize

After laying the foundations of your Kingdom Dream, we will work alongside you to help launch your dream.

We will provide you with, promotional opportunities on our websites and social media platforms, financial accountability, fundraising management, mission accountability, and more to help you get your Kingdom Dream off the ground!

4. Support

Throughout the entire process we will provide you with resouces and materials to help you build a solid support base. 

This includes training you to develop and maintain team of supporters. Providing opportunities for supporters to take trips to your ministry, to join in the work and see first hand what their support is doing. As well as, giving other the opportunity to join you short or long term in building your dreams on the field.

Apply Today

If this all sounds good to you, please take some time to pray over this opportunity, and then fill out our application to get the process started. We will get back to you as soon as possible once your application has been recieved!